Plenary reports


Plenary reports

Secondary circuit heat-exchange equipment efficiency improvement,
Avdeev A. A. (Ppt, 1,4 Mb)

Economic policy under conditions of reforming market of power and electric energy and implementation of investment program,
Archangelskaya A. I. (Ppt, 2,1 Mb)

Russian Nuclear Power in the Ever-changing World,
Asmolov V. G. (Ppt, 13,5 Mb)

Ukraine nuclear engineering safety and economy,
Biley D. V. (Ppt, 24,1 Mb)

Effectiveness evaluation for the fast sodium-Cooled reactor design solutions and their evolution in new designs,
Vasilyev (Ppt, 13,2 Mb)

Scientific and technical support of channel-type reactor plant operation,
Dragunov Y. G.(Ppt, 12,2 Mb)

Analysis of Current State And Progress Trends of PCS for VVER NPP,
Dunaev V. G. (Ppt, 0,8 Mb)

The prospects on the nuclear power development and the application of the Russian VVER?BN reactor technology in CHina,
Zhang Tao (Ppt, 6,4 Mb)

Maintaining radiation strength of reactor Vessels and Vessel internals in VVERs,
Karzov G. P. (Ppt, 5,8 Mb)

Experience of new fuel assembly operation and perspectives of fuel cycle development for for NPP with VVER,
Ryzhov (Ppt, 12 Mb)

VVER technology development prospects,
Sidorenko V. A. (Ppt, 2,9 Mb)

Designing new types of fuel and structural materials for large-scale nuclear power industry in Russia,
Troyanov V. M. (Ppt, 6,1 Mb)

Development of annealing for VVER-1000 reactor vessels,
Shtrombakh Ya. I. (Ppt, 11,4 Mb)

The experience of bringing NPPs to higher power levels. Prospects for further power increase to 110%
Shutikov A. V. (Ppt, 5,9 Mb)

IAEA safety enhancement programme for NPPS worldwide,
El-Shanawany M. (Ppt, 1,2 Mb)